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100mm Team scope -------There hard to find!

The 100mm Spotting Scope is a large instrument which was designed to meet the requirements of team coaches to enable critical spotting of long range big bore matches. The coated prismatic optical systems, with a 100mrn aperture objective and four element ortho-scopic oculars is critically tested and hand corrected so that the final system will yield matchless resolution. The objective cell has a sunshade which can be extended about 5" when required and the eyepiece is screw focusing with a fast over-running push-pull travel. Dust covers are provided for each end. Workmanship is of the highest quality and the majority of the instrument is made from aluminum alloy and finished in a light gray wrinkle. The yoke mounting enables easy insertions and removal of the telescope from the yoke and tri- pod. By tensioning the binding screws the scope can be fixed by locked in position or so set to per- mit scanning of a series of targets. The lower portion of the yoke fits the cylindrical column of a floating action metal tripod. Within the tripod ram is a helical spring which counter-balances the scope and it can be raised or lowered with ease. A wooden carrying case of substantial construction houses the telescope, yoke, tripod and extra interchangeable eyepieces. Standard oculars are I 6X, 24X and 32X.


Magnification Field (ft) Luminosity Eye Relief Weight
15x 13 39.06 2" 13lb
24x 10'6" 17.38 1 3/4" 13lb
32X 7'5" 9.79 1 1/2" 13lb