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Programmer scopes are the king of the road !

Programer-200 The "Programmer-200" with "Posa-Mounts" represents the present day ultimate in rifle telescopes. It should result in significant improvement in convenience and precision, factors which will appeal to the serious target or bench rest shooter. This new model offers to the rifleman new convenience in focusing of a rifle telescope and, with the Posa-Mount target mounts, increased accuracy with a substantially improved base holding system. Generally, the focusing of the telescope is accomplished. by the axial displacement of the objective lens in a mechanical system using fine pitch threads by positioning a graduated ring relative to a fixed scale. Ten to fifteen turns may be required to cover the range from infinity to 50 ft. Geo- metrical optics relationships result in a non-linear scale, meaning that a larger displacement is required when going from 75 ft. to 50 ft. as compared to going from infinity to 100 yards.

"Programer-200" makes range changes from 200 yards to 50 ft. in less than one-half turn of the range graduated ring, on a linear calibration, and with a compensator ring so that any secondary correction can be made with the identical precision of the conventional system. Also, the user can set the scope parallax free for any intermediate range which falls between any two programmed ranges. The heart of "Programer-200" is a precisely generated cam, linearly spaced with dwell positions provided for at 200, 100, 50 and 25 yards. and 50 ft. A secondary graduated ring, using the normal fine pitch thread system, provides for zero compensation at each programmed range and also permits parallax free setting at any intermediate ranges. Each range setting has a 15' cam dwell (zero lead cam position) and it it therefore not necessary to precisely position the program ring relative to the reference line. The optical system incorporates the latest improvement in the state of the art of optical instrumentation. All air to glass surfaces of the optical system use the new higher efficiency low reflectance coating which reduces reflection losses by to about one-half of the conventional low reflection coatings. This would result in a theoretical net transmission increase of 10%. All achromatic lenses are cemented with the newest developed extended temperature range baked cements. Improvements in the mechanical design coupled with the increased size ocular give a large field of view.

Powers available--8,10,12,14,16,18,20,24,32,and 36

Standard Equipment--"posa-mounts"  (.25 minute clicks) Bases, Magnum Tube Clamp, Recoil Spring, Screw Dust Caps.


Objective Aperture----------------------2"
Eyepiece cell diameter--------------1-1/4"
Ocular Aperture--------------------1-1/8"
Objective cell Diameter-------------2-9/32"
Tube diameter-----------------------1"