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My scopes for sale

These make dandy scopes for lighter rifles or sporters

    The 1 1/4 " and I" Target scopes are intermediate size instruments for the shooter who favors lower power, lighter weight or a more compact design. Optically and mechanically they are equal in qual- ity to the larger instruments. The objective assembly is of the focusing type and has an engraved scale which is used in con- junction with the graduated ring. With the exception of the objective cell, the 11/4 " scope is identical to the 1 1/2 " scope and it can be converted to the larger objective size at a future time. This feature is particularly attractive to the shooter who wishes to improve his sighting equipment as he becomes more proficient. Specifications 1 1/4 " Target I" Target Objective Aperture .  Standard Equipment-Standard 1/4 min. click target type mounts, standard clamp ring, screw dust caps, choice of any listed power and standard reticule, recoil spring on 11/4". Extra Equipment-Posa-Mounts, Magnum tube clamp, interchangeable eyepieces, Lee dots, recoil spring on 1".


Scope Model 1 1/4" Target Scope 1" Target Scope
Objective Aperture 1 1/4" 1"
Ocular Aperture 3/4" 3/4"
Eye Relief 2" 2"
Overall Length 25" 21 3/4"
Max. Objective cell Diameter 1 5/8" 1 5/16"
Max Ocular Cell Diameter 7/8" 7/8"
Weight 1 lb 9 oz 1 lb 5 oz
Main Tube Diameter 3/4" 3/4"
Powers Available 8,10,12,14x 6,8,10x