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Shorter than the target models-------As the Ultra Varmint name Implies-------Go get them Varmints!

    The 2' Ultra Varmint scope is similar to a target scope except that a considerably larger ocular is used and the overall-length is somewhat shorter. External adjustments, either target or dehorned mounts, are used since they offer the highest possible accuracy of adjustment. The 2" objective aperture enables relatively high magnifications with luminosity equivalent to that of hunting telescopes. The Ultra Varmint can be supplied either with the plain or graduated head. The graduated head model is recommended if scope will be used on the rifle range as well as for field work since parallax adjustments can be conveniently made. However, if being used entirely for field use, the plain type is recommended since generally the scope is set parallax free at some nominal range such as 150 yards and any remaining parallax at longer or shorter distances is of negligible amount. The plain type can be focused to any specific range from infinity to 50 ft., but setting must be set by trial and testing for parallax. An additional advantage of the plain type is that it is lighter in weight.  Standard Equipment-Standard 1/4 min. click target or dehorned mounts, recoil spring, standard tube clamp, screw dust caps, choice of any listed power and standard reticule. Extra Equipment-Posa-Mounts, Magnum tube clamp, Lee dots, Ranger reticule. No interchange- able eyepieces supplied for this model.


Scope Models 2" Ultra Varmint Plain Head 2" Ultra Varmint Calibrated Head
Objective Apertures 2" 2"
Ocular Apertures 1 1/4" 1 1/4"
Eye Relief 2 1/2" 2 1/2"
Max Objective Cell Diameter 2 1/4" 2 1/4"
Max Ocular Cell Diameter 1 13/32" 1 13/32"
Main Tube 1" 1"
Overall length 24" 24"
Weight 2 lb 2 oz 2 lb 9 oz
Power Available 8,10,12,15x 8,10,12,15x