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My scopes for sale

These two make great scopes for your 22 sporter------Remember no parallax adjustment on the Small Game Scope

        The 11/4" Varmint scope is equal in optical quality and precision to the 2" Ultra. series and differ only in that it is smaller in objective aperture and physical size. It is particularly recommended for use on the lighter sporting rifles and will fully realize the accuracy of such arms. The objective head is range graduated which makes it ideal for a range as well as field scope.  Standard Equipment-Standard 1/4 min. click dehorned mounts, recoil spring, standard tube clamp, screw dust caps, choice of listed power and standard reticule. Extra Equipment-Standard 1/4 min. click target mounts, Posa-Mounts, Magnum tube clamp, Lee dots, Ranger reticule. No interchangeable eyepieces supplied for this model.     

The Small Game scope is recommended for short and intermediate range shooting of small game and'pests and will withstand the recoil of any rifle. Focusing is accomplished by shifting position of the erector cell. It is supplied in 3, 4 or 6X, measures I 9" overall length and weighs 16 oz.Objective and ocular are 3/4" aperture. Standard equipment is 1/4 min. click target mounts, screw dust caps, standard clamp ring, choice of power and standard reticule. Recoil spring, Posa-Mounts, Mag num tube clamp and interchangeable eyepieces are extra equipment.

Specifications for the 1 1/4" Varmint Scope

Objective Aperture 1 1/4"
Ocular Aperture 1 1/8"
Eye Relief 2 1/2"
Overall Length 20"
Max Objective Cell Diameter 1 1/2"
Max Ocular Cell Diameter 1 1/4"
Main Tube Diameter 7/8"
Weight 1 lb 10 oz
Powers 6,8,10,12x