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My scopes for sale

Unertl made some great spotting scopes !

Prismatic Spotting Scopes We offer three models of spotting scopes to fulfill the most critical spotting and observation requirements. Optically, all are of the prismatic erecting form with a hand corrected achromatic objective and an orthoscopic ocular system. Every element is individually tested prior to assembly to assure resolution of the highest quality. The objective cell is provided with a sunshade which can be extended When required and the eyepiece is screw focusing with a fast over-running push-pull travel. Dust 0 caps for each end are included. The majority of the instrument is fabricated from aluminum alloy and it is finished with a pleasing, light gray, wrinkle finish. The 24X63 model is suggested for any range spotting use. We have chosen the 24X magnification as standard, as we have found that in many instances a lower power will not fulfill the requirements. Accessories available at extra cost are 16X and 32X interchangeable eyepieces. Our 2OX54 was primarily designed for pistol shooters who desired a quality instrument which would fit into the shooting kit. Interchangeable eyepieces of 14X and 26X are available (extra). The 24X63 Right Angle has found wide acceptance among match shooters since spotting can be done by simply turning the head and not requiring any shifting in position of the body.


Scope Model 24x63 24x63 Right Angle 20x54
Objective Clear Aperture 2 1/2" 2 1/2" 2 1/8"
Power 24x 24x 20x
Overall Length 19" 19" 13 1/2"
Weight 2 lb 8 oz 2 lb 9 oz 2 lb 4 oz