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Unertl 1.5 to 2" Target 

Unertl1.0 to1.25" Target 

Unertl Ultra Varmint 

Unertl 1.25" & Small Game                                    

Unertl Spotting scopes   

Unertl 100mm Team  Scope

Unertl Tube Sight

Lyman Super Target Spot

Lyman Junior Target Spot

Unertl Vulture

  For the optical properties of all Unertl Target Scopes.

See the difference between Posa mounts and Standard mounts here



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Hi, my name is Dewayne Greiner.  I have made a great hobby out of buying, selling, and collecting the older target scopes.  I really like the Unertl's, Lyman's, Fecker's and Redfield's 3200 scope.

  If you are in need of a nice scope, check out my Scopes for sale.  I typically have a nice selection of good quality scopes.  If you don't see what you need here, its possible I may have one that is not listed.  Please call or e-mail me I may have one of these great scopes you have been looking for!


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